Wire Eye Strap SS 4mm POLISHED


Wire Eye Strap SS 4mm POLISHED


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    • Material: Stainless Steel 316 marine grade
    • Wire/Rope/Chain Size:4mm
  • Finish / Colour: POLISHED
  • Screws Included?: YES
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This wire eye strap is designed to create a tie down point by fastening into a flat surface, steel post, wall or panel. Ideal for anchoring stainless steel wire ropes in balustrading systems.

  • Suitable for ropes and hooks up to 4mm in diameter.
  • Made from stainless steel 316 marine grade for high rust-resistance. Suitable for coastal area.
  • Supplied in a card of 4, with screws provided

Place the wire eye strap on a surface and make a pencil mark on the drilling hole. Fix the wire eye strap with screws.

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