Stainless Steel Wire 3.2mm X 30m

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Stainless Steel Wire 7×7 Strand 3.2mm X 30m

    • Rope/Wire Construction:7×7 Strand
    • Wire/Rope/Chain Size:3.2mm
    • Overall Length:30m
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Weight5 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 24 cm

Stainless steel wires are cover most of rigging usages such as balustrades, barrier rails, fencing etc. They can also help to enhance the appealingly rustic look in patio with wire trellis-screens.

  • 3.2mm in diameter, constructed with 7 strands of 7 wires per strand.
  • Made from stainless steel 316 marine grade for high rust-resistance. Suitable for coastal area.
  • Supplied in 1 reel of 30 meters

Our stainless steel wire rope range offers the three most common types of wire constructions. Each type has various level of strength and flexibility, that suits different rigging applications.

1×19 wire is very rigid, suitable for straight line use. 7×7 wire is semi-flexible, suitable for balustrading applications. 7×19 wire is very flexible, suitable for use where bends are needed.

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