Patri 100 Protective Stainless Steel Grid


Patri 100 Protective Stainless Steel Grid

SKU PA100SSG Category
Weight2 kg
Dimensions42 × 38 × 2 cm

Protect and upgrade your kitchen sink with our high quality, durable stainless-steel grid. Custom designed to fit perfectly with our Patri 100 fine fireclay sink, it will protect your sink from impact, food scraps will wash away under the grid for cleanliness, and finally it will allow you to stand dishes for drying.Fine Fireclay Icons


Material: Stainless Steel
Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
Fits the Patri 100 fine fireclay sink PA100FS
Overall size 420 x 375mm

For peace of mind this product is covered with a 1 Year Guarantee.

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