Magnotica Pro – Magnetic Contactless Door Catch


Magnotica Pro

A Magnetic Contactless Door Catch

Made In Belgium

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions7.3 × 2 × 14 cm

White, Black, Grey

Series:?Magnotica Pro
Sold As:?Pair

The magnotica pro?, a magnetic contactless door catch is?ideal for use with pivot hinges, holding interior doors shut without the need for a door handle or latch.?Because there are no moving parts, the door can be?opened and closed completely noiselessly.?This magnotica pro? can be installed on any normal wooden door and frame. It is ideally suited to work with the Pivotica self-closing pivot hinge system (100kgor?150kg) Because the door is quick and easy to open without the need for a door handle, this magnetic closure is a perfect solution for doors to walk-in closets or storerooms. The magnotica pro? can be?used either vertically (on the front edge of the door) or horizontally (top of the door).


– No moving parts to wear out
– Optimum solution to keep pivot doors closed
– Door can be opened and closed noiselessly without a door handle or latch
– Doors are quick and easy to open and close
– Available in white, black or grey
– Ideal for doors to walk-in closets or storerooms
– Perfect for keeping pivoting doors in their closed position

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