Flessa 533 Granite Black & White Single Sink


Flessa 533 Granite Black & White Single Sink
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Black, White

Made in Europe using the highest quality material, this granite sink is made to last and easy to clean. The granite also helps keep your water warmer for longer. This eye-catching quality granite sink is sure to be the star of the show in your kitchen.

Beautiful to look at while still functional, granite sinks are high-temperature and scratch resistant. Its matte finish is the perfect fit for a modern kitchen and would make a beautiful feature as an insert counter sink.

The benefits of a granite sink include:

– Easy to clean
– Antibacterial properties
– High-temperature resistant
– Scratch and stain resistant
– Stunning appearance
– Impact resistant

Granite sinks are tough and can last a lifetime if cared for correctly. This is as simple as cleaning it after every use, to avoid any stains and lingering food particles. Love this sink and it will love you right back, Waste plugs are also included in this sink to make cleaning all the easier.

If you are looking for an eye-catching statement piece for your kitchen, but still want a low maintenance sink, then this granite kitchen sink is the perfect choice for you!

Material: Granite Quartz Stone

Technical Information

Installation: Top-Mount(Drop-In)


Capacity: 38L

Strainer Waste: Included

Waste Size: 90mm

Thickenss: 10mm

Internal Radius: R10

Size and Dimensions

Overall Size: 533mm x 457m x 205mm

Bowl Size: 469mm x 394mm x 205mm

Cut Out Size: 513mm x 430mm (Reference Only)



Lifetime Warranty


The Warranty will be void if it is not used as recommended , damaged to misuse , abuse or improper installation. Substance abuse such as Bleach , Steel wool pads or similar, drain cleaning products or similar causing damage to the sinks will make the warranty void. 

We will not take any responsibility for general use scratching , chipping , breaking , discoloration.