Double Ball Door Catch


Double Ball Door Catch

In two different sizes 49mm & 60mm

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Double ball catches are used for securing cupboards, wardrobes and lightweight doors. Comprising of 2 parts the housing which as 2 fully adjustable chrome plated steel balls and the latch. The 2 spring loaded balls are fully adjustable by rotating the screw slot at either end. By increasing or decreasing the pressure on the latch determines how much force is required to open or close the door.

Housing and latching
Balls and springs in steel

Quick closure for diverse applications such as holding doors, flaps and blinds shut. The double ball catch consists of a bush and an opposing piece, the latching pawl, which engages with the bush. The latching pawl can be pushed into the bush laterally or frontally. The engagement pressure is adjustable.

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Brass, Nickel Plated




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