Long-lasting and Feature piece Kitchen Sinks Online in Melbourne

Kitchen sinks are probably the second, if not the first, location in your kitchen that you’d be spending considerable time on. So, the decision of choosing the right kitchen sinks online in Melbourne opens you up to exhaustive choices concerning the design, specifications, type of material, style of mounting and much more. So, when you shop at Helmex for your kitchen sinks online for your Melbourne home or developer property, we take into key consideration to help guide you to the right kitchen sinks that suits your specific needs at a reasonable price.

You could just as easily choose the top mount Noxi or Caneva stainless kitchen sinks online from kitchenware shop melbourne and be done with your decision. The grey exterior is excellent for a contemporary and minimal kitchen theme. However, we urge you to explore our vast collection of beautifully stone black granite kitchen sinks in multiple configurations. Black as a colour can create a contrasting focal point in your kitchen theme or have it align with the colour scheme. Beautiful to look at while still highly functional, granite sinks are high-temperature and scratch-resistant and low maintenance. They last a lifetime with little to low maintenance.

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At Helmex, we offer a wide range of ‘Made In Europe’ high-quality granite sinks in white and black and in varying configurations of single, double, drainer attachments and so on. Excellent as under-mount or above counter installations, granite kitchen sinks in Melbourne will help keep the water warmer for comfort and are anti-bacterial as well. You cannot go wrong with a choice of excellent European-made granite kitchen sinks that’s available online in Melbourne at Helmex. We’ll ensure prompt delivery of kitchen sinks anywhere in Australia.

Fireclay kitchen sinks online in Melbourne

Another popular choice of kitchen sinks in Melbourne is the fireclay sink, also called a butler’s or farmhouse sink. The traditional and classical choices for any kitchen add a rustic element. Especially with an apron front straight-walled fireclay kitchen sinks that is available online in Melbourne, at Helmex, you are choosing a statement piece for your kitchen. Get ready for many conversations around this functional and highly durable kitchen sink in your Melbourne home.

In comparison to stainless steel or granite sinks, fireclay sinks are partially limited in regards to colours, styles and finishes. These come mostly in white, off-white and black. If you would like to explore the wider selection of door handles online, kitchen sinks and taps online at Helmex, we have a range of under-mount sinks, wall mount sinks, as well as sink and tap packages. As a supplier and stockist of outstanding kitchen sinks in Melbourne, we are the preferred choice for many renovators, builders, and architects for stand-out kitchen sinks that will help make the kitchen designs come alive.

Still, need a little more help choosing the best sink for your home? Then, feel free to visit our Melbourne showroom. We’re happy to help you bring your vision to life.


1. Which sinks are the best for kitchens?
Your choice of a kitchen sink depends on your personal preferences. Although stainless steel sinks are popular, most do not like the steely dull industrial grey exterior for their kitchen. Alternately, you’d prefer granite or fireclay sinks that are less noisy and also add charm and character to the entire kitchen.

2. What is the best gauge for a kitchen sink?
Stainless steel kitchen sinks are graded by the gauge of the steel. The most commonly available gauges are between 14 -20, with the lower number indicating increased thickness. The ideal gauge would be 18. However, 14-16 can be better.