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Showing 1–15 of 16 results

Versatility Guaranteed! Buy Door Handles Online from Helmex

One of the first things we notice when we enter is the door handles, the finish, the touch, the design and its ergonomics as well. Such intricate features of a room cannot be chosen lightly and need due consideration of the room aesthetics and must also be functional. At Helmex, we specialise in an extensive collection of door handles online. We can fix you up with the right pair of handles, from the everyday smooth finish stainless steel handles to the designer and architectural handles to either sync with the colour scheme or stand out completely in contrast.

When it comes to choosing door handles online or buying a set, it is crucial to check whether they have all the sets that go along with the door handles. At Helmex, we meticulously curate the collection and pride ourselves in our choice of excellent quality door handles online, which include something above the ordinary for our clienteles discerning tastes.

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Buy Door Handles Online

You could buy the door handles online from the collection that includes Domici Knurled Lever Handle in Satin Brass and Gunmetal Grey comes with a set of cabinet handles and door stops. Nidus door handles online are innovative and provides a modern look to any home. They offer a great selection of levers, locks and door accessories. The Lentus Lever Door Handle in Satin with an ergonomically curved handle for better grip and amped up the style quotient. You could also buy door handles online with contemporary designs infused with sleekness and sturdy lines to align with any kind of interior themes and door materials.

One-stop-shop for a variety of door handles online

Helmex specialises in all kinds of hardware that go with doors. Our collection of door hardware includes a barn door track system and cabinet door handles, cavity sliding door locks for all rooms, door catches, latches, door stops, elaborate entrance sets with ornate design and in striking colours, flush bolts, pivots and more.

When it comes to buying door handles online and kitchen sinks online from Helmex, you’d have more choices than you’ll know what to do with. Although we have architectural door handles with an exquisite material combination and designs that will best suit one-of-a-kind creations, completely matt black door handles online are great to give a shocker effect to a light-themed room.

As renovation experts, developers, interior designers, architects and private homeowners, the variety of door handles online at Helmex can be a welcome change to the everyday options that are widely available. We invite you to explore our vast collection of door hardware and choose a collection that suits your personal taste and decor of your home without breaking the bank to do so.

We are committed to offering world-class imported door handles online for Australians to elevate their homes aesthetic and visual appeal at affordable prices. Browse through our vast door handles collection online or visit us in our Melbourne showroom. The highest standards of quality in products, customer services and extended support is a promise we make and keep at all costs!