Lusso Smart Toilet


Lusso Smart Toilet


Ceramic External Pan

Ceramic Internal Bowl

Voltage: 220-240V
P-Trap: 180mm
S-Trap: 330mm
Water usage per flush: 3.7 litres
Reciprocating cleaning
Toilet paper-free system
Remote, smart phone and manual activation
Female & male washing functions
Auto dry
Auto-deodorizing & self-cleaning
Self-washing nozzle
Auto seat opening & clsoing
Seat temperature control
Warm water washing
Auto and manual flushing
Night lamp

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Weight56 kg
Dimensions70 × 50 × 50 cm

Revolutionary Technology

The wash and dry features are revolutionary for both Male and Female users, with the stainless steel and temperature-controlled water nozzle providing a more hygienic cleaning
process than other toilet & bidet suites on the market. The dry nozzle is ergonomically designed to ensure removal of any moisture.

Ultimate Hygiene

The designer toilet bowls are crafted from toughened and self-cleaning materials, while the auto-deodorizer and self-cleaning functions are other hallmarks of supreme cleanliness.


Exceeding Australian compliance standards, these smart toilets’ eco-friendly and paper-free technology uses mains water and smart sensors activate the auto flush, detecting exactly how much waste needs to be removed by the Siphon Jet Flush to the sewer.

Smart Phone Connectivity

With three activation methods, the smart features are easy to use, as the side buttons compliment the remote control and bluetooth smart phone technology.

3-Year Warranty

Instant peace of mind with a three-year warranty.

Advanced Safety

The seats are made from fire-retardant material. Other safety functions include power surge, temperature control, anti-dry and leakage protection features.