Lafeme Vera Luxury Toilet Bidet Seat – White

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Lafeme Vera Luxury Toilet Bidet Seat – White

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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions48 × 37 × 62 cm




Cold Water Wash Only

SIZE/WEIGHT : 480 x 370 x 62/2.5Kg
WATER PRESSURE : 0.07 ? 0.8MPa

Hands free hygiene
Being hands-free and this hygiene close couple toilet bidet seat has excellent benefits for everybody who wants to have a more hygienic way of using the toilet.? In Asia / Japan you will find bidets everywhere from public toilets to 5 star hotels.
The bidets are a huge help in the health industry helping people with mobility problems to get there dignity back.? In Hospitals, the bidets are used by patients who are mobility impaired. With a bidet, they are able to toilet themselves and manage their own hygiene.? No longer does one need to suffer through the embarrassment of asking a carer to help them in the toilet.
This simple design toilet bidet seat is able to be used in most of the old design close couple toilet suite.? Also this hygiene toilet bidet seat is designed to install or replace the existing toilet seat easily.
Look after yourself, your family and elderly people at home who can easily use this hygiene toilet bidet seat.? Especially for the elderly people and patient at home will no longer have to be clean after toileting, reducing their fatigue levels and allow them to help you out more as you do your job. This toilet bidet seat saves your time while you are looking after them.